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Foto : Peter Bielik

Castle of Slovakia City Považská Bystrica


The castle Bystrica was built in the end of 13-th century as an answer to invasion of Tatars in 1242 to Slovakia. At that time Hungarian King Belo IV. order several new stone castles to built in Považie region. The first written mention about castle Bystrica is from 1316. As a royal castle was maintained by the nominated castellans.

To the hands of Podmanický family the domain got in 1458, when the King Matthias Corvinus donated the castle and the Bystrica domain to Ladislav Podmanický. The Podmanický family was very significant in that time Hungary. In the battle at Mohács in 1526 the King Lodovic II perished as well as Michal Podmanický. To his brother – Štefan – as the senior bishop of Hungary – fell the duty of coronation the new Hungarian ruler John of Zápolya and the year after Ferdinand I. Hapsburg.

After Podmanický family the castle got to the Andreas Balassa, who was a notable comitat’s dignitary, royal chamberline and Novohrad head of the district administration. His son Emmerich built below the Bystrica Castle a palace in 1631 and he left the castle, which in 1623 burnt down.

From that time the ruins are from the castle.


View of the castle.


Ruins of tetragonal tower.




View to village Považské Podhradie from Bystrica Castle.




Ground plan.


Reconstructed appearance of Bystrica Castle.


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