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Chess history in Považské Podhradie.


Begining of chess in Považské Podhradie can be dated to year 1934. At that time a local teacher Mr. Pavol Fükö spread the chess enlightenment. He teached his pupils first rules of chess. They played between each other but only friendly matches in the village.

The first chess team was established in 1950. Team was named Falcon Považské Podhradie. The team played firstly friendly matches with teams from near neighbourhood. The success in friendly matches and enthusiasm of many people in the village led into entry to district championschip of chess teams. It was in the season 1957/58.

In the season 1957/59 the team won its group and advanced to regional championschip. The team played with alternate success. But after few seasons in 1962 team fell down and in 1964 had broken its activity.

The chess team was re-established in 1987 as Chess Club Považské Podhradie. The team has to begin from the last league again. In 1989 team advanced to regional championschip. After reorganisation of structure of chess leagues in Slovak Republic the team plays the III-rd league.

From 1999 we have our B-team in the IV-th league.


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