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Welcome to our internet web site.

If you are interested in the king game, you are representative of some chess club, you would like to play chess by E-mail, please contact us. We would like to know other chess clubs in countries all over the world. Send us mail or postcard to address below.

We are small chess club in even smaller village – Považské Podhradie in Northwest Slovakia. (See the picture in the „Photos“ section.) Now it can have about 1000 inhabitants. A near town - Považská Bystrica has 45 000 inhabitants and is known as industry centre in this region of Slovakia. You may hear aboutit from motorcycle championships. The International Sixday Motorcycle Contest was held in 1977 and 1982 there.

Now we have 16 active players and we play III-rd and IV-th league.

For your imagine – the III-rd league in Slovakia covers a region with 600 000 inhabitants and 5 000 quadrate kilometres. In practice it is at about 100 kilometres to travel. Each league has 12 teams, they played one round each to other. The season is from October to March. The team plays on 8 desks. We play with teams from towns which are many times larger then Považské Podhradie.

Now a strong chess life flows in our chess club, what this internet web site proofs too. We take place in many tournaments and we organise tournaments for chess-players not only from our region, but the whole Slovakia and Czech Republic. We play chess by internet. Now our team plays ICCF E-mail Champions League.

Regular training is every Thursday. Every Thursday from 17,00 we are in our chess club in Považské Podhradie. You can put your trust in it.

Our contact addresse:

Peter Bielik

Pribinova 970/24

017 01 Povazska Bystrica


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